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» Journal Issues » 2017 » Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (61) 2017 » Historical passport of syntactic term: terminological sorces (16 th — the first part of 20 th cent.)

Historical passport of syntactic term: terminological sorces (16 th — the first part of 20 th cent.)

Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (61) 2017
UDC 811.161.1ʼ373.21

Yuliia Chernobrov
PhD in Philology, Junior Researcher of the Department of Grammar and Scientific Terminology, Institute of the Ukrainian Language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
4 Hrushevskyi St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
Е-mail: chernobrovvv@gmail.com

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article deals with the notion of historical passport of syntactic terms. It is a kind of scientific instrument which helps to organize term’s data according to the special sources. Historical passport presents the formation of Ukrainian syntactic terminology. It is necessary to find terminological units in scientific works in order to create it. The main source groups of Ukrainian syntactic terminology are analyzed in this article. They are so called “secondary” sources, some language material which is researched by specialists philologists. The source base consists of grammar manuals, dictionaries, textbooks on Ukrainian language, monographs, scientific articles etc. It is stated that source study gives the opportunity to present the main periods of linguistic terminology development and dynamics of a particular term development according to onomasiological and semasiological aspects. The contexts of syntactic terminology sources which belong to 16th – the first part of 20th century were described; it was actualized syntactic problematic and terminology in scientific works under consideration; the attention is focused on the linguists’ priorities in selection and use of certain terminology nominations. The main tendency of term creating – national language base – in the West Ukrainian and the East Ukrainian works on Ukrainian language and Ukrainian Syntax are mentioned. In this article it is involved for the first time a number of Ukrainian and foreign sources on the syntactic structure of Ukrainian, which haven’t been considered in the context of the history of Ukrainian syntactic terminology because of nonlinguistic ideological reasons. Powerful examples of author terminology are presented in this research. Also it is shown linguistic works that use for the first time basic concepts of modern Ukrainian Syntax. Some aspects of Source Study methodology is implemented, such as inner (focus on specific / borrowed vocabulary, paradigmatics and syntagmatics of linguistic concepts, etc) and outer (time, place, aims, etc) source critic.

Keywords: term, historical terminology, historical passport of syntactic terms, sources of syntactic terminology, linguistic Source Study, Ukrainian syntactic terminology.


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