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Thematic orientation:

Topical issues of modern structure, codification of the norms of the Ukrainian literary language, problems of history, social and state status of the Ukrainian language, informing the scientific and general public about the latest techniques and methods of learning Ukrainian and other languages of the world.


The mission of the journal is to publish the valuable papers that inform about the use of the Ukrainian in society, about a description of the theoretical issues in grammar, lexicology, terminology, stylistics, phonetics, history of the Ukrainian Language, the relations between standard language and dialects, about the language culture, orthography, language policy in Ukraine and also the current problems of methodology in linguistics.

The journal pages publish reviews of novelties in Ukrainian linguistics and reviews of publications that are a prominent phenomenon in linguistics. Also, the journal publishes articles on the anniversaries of prominent linguists, and highlights issues raised in linguistic forums, symposia, conferences, and congresses.