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» Journal Issues » 2017 » Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (61) 2017 » Development of verb semantics in the Eastern Polissia dialect

Development of verb semantics in the Eastern Polissia dialect

Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (61) 2017
UDC 811.161.2’282.2

Olena Kholodon
PhD in Philology, Junior Researcher of the Department of  Dialectology, Institute of the Ukrainian Language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
4 Hrushevskyi St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article deals with the analysis of verb semantics development in the Eastern Polissia dialect. The structural organization of dialect verb lexico-semantic groups are determined. It is revealed that every lexico-semantic group has the center and the periphery, its own set of differential features determined by dialect world picture and symmetric-asymmetric structure. The author examines synonymic, hyponymic, antonymic relations, phenomena of semantic diffusion and semantic parallelism. On the basis of recorded dialect materials the semantic variability of lexeme пекˈти is unfolded.

The analysis shows that taking into account the experience of verb lexicon studying in the literary language, specific nature of dialect language (absence of codification and spatial variation), focus on the ontological being of denoted objects and corresponding models of their perception and interpretation in the studying of verbal vocabulary, creating over dialect invariant model are the objective way to establish verbal semantic relations in the dialect language. It is revealed that verbs belonged to definite lexico-semantic group outlines its semantic features; dialect verb lexico-semantic groups are characterized by variability, lexical and semantic dynamics determined by different kinds of transformations, including changing of the situation composition and roles, changes in emphasis and focus of perception, updating of estimates.

Keywords: Eastern Polissia dialect, lexico-semantic group, verb, semantics, semantic variability.


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