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Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (64) 2017
UDC 81(477.42)

Tetyana Chernenko
Postgraduate student of the Department of Ukrainian, Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University
40 Berdychivska St., Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine
Е-mail: zu@zu.edu.ua

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article analyzes the names on the designation of the lexical-semantic group ‘forest (in the general sense)’ in the dialects of the Zhytomyr region in comparison with the Ukrainian literary language, dialectal and other Slavic languages. The geographic terms of Zhytomyr region attracted the attention of linguists: M. V. Nikonchuk, T. A. Marusenko, P. S. Lysenko, etc., but the system description of the geographical terminology of the region is still absent.

The concept of ‘forest (in the general sense)’ on the investigated territory is represented by polysemantic geographical terms: лєс, лєіс, ліс, ліес, ліис, бір, бор, гай, деревняк, пуща. The earliest written mentions of the use of words of ліс (лєс), бір (бор), пуща on the territory of Zhytomyr region are certified with the XVI century, nominae гай – from the ХVІІ century. The commonly used form of ліс covers almost the entire surveyed array of heavens (central, southern, western, eastern regions of the region). In northern areas, the use of forms prevails лєс. In the central regions of the region the lexemes are fixed simultaneously ліс and лєс, since they are on the verge between the dialects of the northern and southern dialects. The spread of forms лєіс, ліис and лієс limited to several populated areas. Use of lexemes бір (бор) on the territory of Zhytomyr region is not widely spread, it lives in different regions with different semantic content. Often, lexeme occurs in the sense of ‘pine forest’ in the central part of the area. According to the results of surveys, in some areas of lexemes бір (бор) is unknown. It is certified that lexemes tokens of гай and пуща in the territory of Zhytomyr region have a wide amplitude of semantic oscillations. The word for the first time was written in Korosten town, деревняк in the meaning of ‘forest’, which is not recorded in the monuments, in other Slavic peoples and in other territories of Ukraine. Lexeme деревняк is certified only in another terminology field.

We first recorded the use of tokens бор in the sense of ‘good forest’, words борок on the designation of ‘coniferous forest’, the term гай in the meaning of ‘beautiful, not grown forest’, ‘forest array of trees of the same species’, ‘young deciduous forest’, the nominae пуща for the designation of ‘a place where nothing grows’.

Keywords: appellative, geographical term, lexeme, nominae.


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Aн – Andrushivsʹkyy r-n, Бар – Baranivsʹkyy r-n, Бер – Berdychivsʹkyy r-n, Бр – Brusylivsʹkyy r-n, Єм – Yemilʹchynsʹkyy r-n, Жт – Zhytomyrsʹkyy r-n, K-1 – Korostensʹkyy r-n, K-2 – Korostyshivsʹkyy r-n, Лг – Luhynsʹkyy r-n, Лб – Lyubarsʹkyy r-n, Мл – Malynsʹkyy r-n, Нр – Narodytsʹkyy r-n, Н-В – Novohrad-Volynsʹkyy r-n, Oв – Ovrutsʹkyy r-n, Oл – Olevsʹkyy r-n, Пп – Popilʹnyansʹkyy r-n, Пл – Pulynsʹkyy r-n, Рд – Radomyshlʹsʹkyy r-n, Рм – Romanivsʹkyy r-n, Рж – Ruzhynsʹkyy r-n, Хр – Khoroshivsʹkyy r-n, Чрн – Chernyakhivsʹkyy r-n, Чд – Chudnivsʹkyy r-n.