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» Journal Issues » 2017 » Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (64) 2017 » VERBALIZATION OF THE CONCEPT «THE WAY OF MOVEMENT» IN ANCIENT UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE OF 17 – 18TH CENTURIES


Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (64) 2017
UDC 811.161.2’367.63’282.3’04

Tetiana Syvokozova
PhD in Philology, Junior Researcher of the Department of History of the Ukrainian Language and Onomastics, Institute of the Ukrainian Language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
4 Hrushevskyi st., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
Е-mail: tanulka2008@ukr.net

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article is devoted to the units, which represent the development of locative semantics and form the group of synonymic case-forms and prepositional substantival complexes with the semantic of dynamic localization. Investigation of the semantic-syntactic units of language is an actual problem of modern linguistics. Many linguists in Ukraine and abroad investigate the question of the theoretical underground and lingual specific of locative semantics. The complex study of locative category involves the analysis of all means of verbal expression of locative semantics in diachrony and synchrony, its influence on the grammatical structure of the language.

Historically non-prepositional noun case-forms which denote the way of movement were changed into prepositional forms, known as prepositional substantival complex.

Based on the idea of locative identification, the main types of prepositional substantival complexes with the meaning of way of movement are defined, each one of them is represented by the structural models. The main attention is focused on the detailed structural and semantical description of such models of prepositional substantival complex, as по+Sloc, въ(ув)+Sacc, крузъ+Sacc, черезъ (через, чрезъ, чрез, презъ, през)+Sacc, мимо+Sgen, мимо+Sacc, уз+Sacc, поузъ+Sacc, противъ (против, противу)+Sgen, за+Sins, поподъ (по пудъ)+Sins, понадъ (понад, по-над)+Sins, внутръ+Sgen, межи (межы, меже, между)+Sins. These units denote the way of movement in the written records of Ukrainian language of 17 – 18th centuries from Eastern Polissia.

Keywords: prepositional substantival complex, model of prepositional substantival complex, dynamic localization, way of movement.


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