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» Journal Issues » 2018 » Journal Ukrainian Language №3 (67) 2018 » The Donetsk oiconymicon (making and the development)

The Donetsk oiconymicon (making and the development)

Journal Ukrainian Language №3 (67) 2018
UDC 811.161.2’373.21

Iryna Yefymenko
Ph.D in Philology, Senior Research of the Department of Ukrainian language History and Onomastics, Institute of the Ukrainian Language of Sciences of Ukraine
4 Hrushevskyi St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
E-mail: i.yefumenko@gmail.com

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article is devoted to the Donetsk region oiconymicon integrated study in historical and etymological facets. The main role in forming of mentioned oiconimycon played some interlingual factors, conditioned of the territory settlement character (both spontaneous and state colonization in particular).

During the period of spontaneous (popular) Donetsk steppes colonization (XVI – 1st half of the XVIII c.), as the formative oiconymic stems had mainly used personal names and surnames of the settlers (Avdiivka, Bylbosivka, Makiivka).

During the period of the state colonization (middle of the XVIII c.), as the formative stems mainly used as personal names and surnames of these settlements and ground areas owners.

Some oiconyms, which originated in Donetsk region in XIX c. have dedicatory character and tied with persons, which had a contribution in the Donbass development (Horlivka, Yenakieve).

In the result of the foreign region colonization (from the end of the XVIII c.), on these lands became Urumian and Rumean oiconyms, carried from the Crimea. The majority of these ones formed on the Turkik lexical baseis (Anadal, Bugaz), and the less oiconyms number formed on the Greek ground (Konstantinopol’, Laspa).

Also to the widespread oiconymic type of Donetsk region pertains a raw of oiconyms, derived from there waters names (of lakes, rivers, swamps, ravines and so on), alongside of which settlements situated (Bahmut, Volnovaha, Temruk).

One of the noticeable places in the Donetsk oiconymicon ranks ergonyms, reflecting the enterprises (plants, factories etc.) economical activity character (Agrobaza, Metallist and so on).

The undertaken study allows to state, that Donetsk oiconymy formed as the oiconymy unitized, since the Donetsk district territory had synchronically settled both expatriations from there different Ukrainian and Russian lands, and expatriations from the other lands, which usually carried their settlement names to the new places.

Keywords: the settlement history, oiconimicon, oiconym, oiconymical model, anthroponym, hydronym, ergonym, transferred oiconym.


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