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» Journal Issues » 2018 » Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (65) 2018 » Communicative-discourse studies in the modern Ukrainian Linguistic: trends and prospects

Communicative-discourse studies in the modern Ukrainian Linguistic: trends and prospects

Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (65) 2018
UDC 81’42: 81’161.2

Natalya Konratenko
Doctor of Philology, Prof., Odesa National University by Mechnykov
2 Dvoryanskaya St., Odessa 65082, Ukraine
E-mail: kondr_nat@ukr.net

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article is devoted to the research of the communicative-discursive scientific approach of the analysis of the lingual phenomena in Ukrainian linguistics. The main stages of the emergence and development of communicatively oriented currents in Ukrainian studies were traced, periodization and typology of the main problems of studying human discursive activity were proposed. The significant role of Ukrainian linguistics in the formation of European discourse and communicative linguistics is proved. An overview of the main scientific schools of communicative-discursive research is presented and the problems raised in the works of Ukrainian linguists are highlighted.

The purpose of the study is to prove the primacy of communicative pragmatic intelligence in Ukrainian linguistics, in contrast to the traditional study of their imitative nature. For a long time, primacy belonged to European and Russian linguists as pioneers in communicative and linguistic and pragmatic approaches to the study of linguistic phenomena, whereas it was Ukrainian scholarly schools that historically formed the newest foundation for the study of text and discourse. However, the formation of communicative-discursive research began in Ukrainian linguistics in the late 60’s of the 20 century, that is, in parallel with the development of linguopragmatics and discourse in foreign linguistics. This fact destroys the “complex of scientific inferiority”, which has long been supported by vocations and compulsory citations by foreign scientists, in particular Russian ones. Communicative-pragmatic inventions in Ukrainian studies originate from the work of O.O. Potebnia, V.M. Rusanivsky, I.K. Bilodid, I.I. Kovalyk, based on linguistic and theoretical texts developed in the national linguistics on the basis of the material of the Ukrainian language. Parallel formation of communicative-pragmatic researches in German studies should be considered not as a separate scientific direction, but, along with other linguistic intelligence, in particular in the domain of Slavic languages, which makes it possible to create a comprehensive theory of communicative-discursive research in Ukraine.

Keywords: discourse, textlinguistics, linguistic pragmatics, scientific school, communicative-discursive approach, Ukrainian linguistics.


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