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» Journal Issues » 2018 » Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (68) 2018 » Philological school of Oleksandr Potebnia in Oleksiy Vetukhov’s estimation

Philological school of Oleksandr Potebnia in Oleksiy Vetukhov’s estimation

Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (68) 2018
UDC 80:94(477)

Olga Сheremska
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Prof. Head of the Department of Ukrainian studies and language training for foreign nationals Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics
9-A Nauky Ave., Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine
Е-mail: olha.cheremska@hneu.net

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article contains analysis of the scientific heritage of Oleksiy Vetukhov, who worked from the 1890s to the 1920s, concerning the Potebniana: “O.O. Potebnia” (1898), “Potebnianstvo” (1923), “Academician M. Sumtsov and Potebnianstvo” (1926), “Toward the understanding of Potebnia (Critical and bibliographical remarks)” (1926). The meaning of the concept word potebnianstvo, which students, followers and supporters of the scientific views of O.O. Potebnia used for designating the teacher’s circle and applying ideas of the scholar to explain new aspects of the humanitarian science, and modern linguistics considers as philosophical and linguistic conception, linguistic direction, philosophical and poetological school, philological school of O.O. Potebnia, direction of the development of the knowledge about society, has been revealed.

The basic ideas of linguo-philosophy of O.O. Potebnia, according to O.V Vetukhov, have been characterized: vision of the language work as symbiosis of literary and scientific thinking, creative energy of which gives birth to the word understood as thought; vision of the poetical energy of peoples (expressed in tropes and figures) which gives birth to myth understood as outlook; acknowledgement of language symbolism, the word as metaphor, primarily beginning which always contains a number of new symbols; understanding of literary creativity as continuity of the words symbolism.

The features of pedagogical work of O.O. Potebnia has been characterized on the basis of the materials from memoirs (A.H. Hornfeld, V.I. Khartsiev, D.I. Ovsianyko-Kulykovskyi, M.F. Sumtsov), reviews of Kharkiv University’s professors (I.I. Sreznevskyi, B.M. Liapunov, I.V. Netushyl) that were analyzed by O.V. Vetukhov.

It has been emphasized on the theoretical and methodological aspects of the multisided activity of the scholar that laid the fundament of the scientific school of O.O. Potebnia: thinking through images, dynamism and logic of speaking; dialogical way of telling, conversation; strategy of questioning and answering.

It has been researched the basic task of the Potebnians which is an attempt to build up the coherent theory based on the problems of creative psychology of the author as the subject of creation, image and thinking, research method, content and form, attempt not only to reconstruct the theory of O. O. Potebnia, but also to deepen it.

It has been accentuated on the features natural to representatives of the Kharkiv philological school that were shaped under the impact of O.O. Potebnia: argumentation and detail of the scientific description, plenty of facts, evolutionary historicism, absence of absolute definitions and characteristics, usual to the language studies of the first half of the nineteenth century; it has been underscored that the researchers followed the principle of scientific nature of the philological cognition regardless the ideological doctrines of that time.

Keywords: O.V. Vetukhov, О.О. Potebnya’s philological school, potebnianstvo, psychological direction in linguistics.


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