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» Journal Issues » 2018 » Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (68) 2018 » From the historiography of the language of artistic prose to codification of the terms of linguistical stylistics

From the historiography of the language of artistic prose to codification of the terms of linguistical stylistics

Journal Ukrainian Language №4 (68) 2018
UDC 81’38

Svitlana Bybyk
Doctor of Philology, Leading researcher of the Department of Stylistics, Culture of the Language and Sociolinguistics Institute of the Ukrainian Language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
4 Hrushevskyi St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
Е-mail: sbybyk2016@ukr.net

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article gives an overview of the main scientific literature on the problems of the study of the language of prose. It is proposed to distinguish periods of formation, formation and development of the terminology apparatus of linguistic style in the field of studying prose text. From the scientific articles, monographs, the main terms and terminological phrases, which form the basis of the methodology of linguistic-style analysis of artistic prose text, are distinguished. The article shows the role of researches of L.A. Bulahovsky, I.K. Bilodid, Yu. Shevelev, L.G. Skrypnyk, G.P. Yezhakevych, S.Ya. Yermolenko, N.M. Sologub, L.O. Stavyts’ka, S.P. Bybyk and other scientists in the development of the theory of language of artistic prose.

Motivated differentiation of several paradigms of terms and key categories of linguistic style of prose language. All collected arrays of terms and terminological phrases are differentiated into subgroups (paradigms): stylistic syntax, rhythm melodicum of artistic prose, dictionary of the language of the writer, paradigm of verbal images. The role of categories of narration, polyphony, verbal, spoken, literary, anthropocentricity in the formation of methodological approaches to the analysis of prose language is noted.

The dynamics of the terminating apparatus of Ukrainian linguistic stylistics for nearly 100 years is shown. In connection with the problem to be solved, the registers of the “Dictionary of Slavic linguistic terminology”, the encyclopedia “Ukrainian language” and the reference “Ukrainian linguistic stylistics of the XX th to the beginning of the XXI century: the system of concepts and bibliographic sources” are compared. The need to create an encyclopedia of linguistic stylistics, which should codify appropriate terms and reflect the contribution of Ukrainian researchers in the formation and development of this actual integrative direction of Slavic humanitarianism, was noted.

Keywords: linguistic style, prose language, terminology, codification, category, term, concept, syntax, vocabulary, text.


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