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» Journal Issues » 2019 » Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (69) 2019 » Syntax in the context of academic Ukrainian linguistic studies

Syntax in the context of academic Ukrainian linguistic studies

Journal Ukrainian Language №1 (69) 2019
UDC 811.161.2

Nina Horholiuk
PhD in Philology, deputy director, Institute of the Ukrainian Language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv
4 Hrushevskyi St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
Е-mail: gorgoluk@ukr.net

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: The article deals with the thematic-and-time periods of the Ukrainian academic syntax development. It is focused on the main tendencies in the Syntax theory development in the present Ukrainian literary language. The current research also outlines the formation peculiarities of the fundamental Syntax concepts – syntactic units (the minimal syntactic unit (from the so-called sentence member to the phrase or sentence component), phrase (from the “undefined concept” to the syntactic unit-construction), sentence (from the traditional definition to the sentence interpretation as a multidimensional unit in which the four structures are embodied: formal-and-grammatical (syntactic, superficial), semantic-and-syntactic, semantic (deep) and communicative.) The prospects of the syntactic research development in the context of the modern anthropocentric paradigm are outlined.

Keywords: Syntax, sentence, phrase, minimal syntactic unit, Semantic Syntax, Derivative Syntax, Functional Syntax, Categorical Syntax.


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