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» Journal Issues » 2017 » Journal Ukrainian Language №3 (63) 2017 » ONCE AGAIN ABOUT “RUSYN LANGUGE” AND DIALEKT TNVIRONMENT PRESERVATION


Journal Ukrainian Language №3 (63) 2017
UDC 81’282

Vasyl Nimchuk
Institute of the Ukrainian Language of  National Academy of Scienses of Ukraine
4 Grushevsky St.,  Kyiv 01001, Ukraine

Heading: Researches
Language: Ukrainian

Abstract: Rusynism ideologists who, denying the identity of indigenous Slavic population of Transcarpathia with the Ukrainian ethnos, nearly a quarter  of  century say the “codification” of separate Rusynian language, but this not enough, and “Normalizers” do not perfect know local dialects. Transcarpathian and all other Ukrainian subdialects must be protected from destruction and extinction.

In this regard, the author proposes  nongovernmental organization. – “Association of admirers and defenders of Ukrainian dialects.”

Draft statute of this Ukrainian Society is published. Members of the Society believe that we must thoroughly know the Ukrainian literary language that unites all the members of the ethnic group (nation), but also love and revere  mother’s language and wish to dialect remained alive and successfully operated in the area where a common beginning. The Charter describes in detail the aims and objectives of the Society, the scope of its structure, rights and duties of members of society

Keywords: Transcarpathian dialect; Ukrainian subdialect; the protection of the  dialect environment; Rusynism; public association.


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